Will Surgery Fix My Back?

We all know someone who has gone through spine surgery and has just never been the same. They may have gone into surgery hoping for a “quick” fix for 20, 30, or 40 years of neglect, but come out the same or worse than they began. Some people even go through multiple surgeries on a constant hunt to get back their quality of life.

Top research publications have found that those risky and expensive surgeries often aren’t the best way to improve your quality of life when you have a disc herniation. In fact, Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to provide just as much improvement as surgery, without any of the risks.

  • Most of the patients who were considered surgical candidates for a disc herniation improved with Chiropractic care to the same degree as those who had undergone surgery.
  • An impressive 60% of patients with sciatica pain improved with Chiropractic adjustments to the same degree as those who underwent surgery.

Surgery is always the last resort, never the first option. Our bodies are designed to heal, even from disc herniations. Natural, conservative health care works with your body to improve your quality of life and get rid of your pain. We love sharing the real message of health with our community. Like our Facebook page and discover more research that matters.

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