Maintenance, Wellness and Family Care

Wellness and Family Care

Many of our patients continue care when they are not experiencing pain or dealing with an issue. They do this because it helps them feel better daily. When asked, they will tell you that they feel better and have less issues when they get regular chiropractic adjustments. Lakeville Spine & Health offers affordable wellness and family care packages to treat one or the whole family. If this sounds like something that would benefit you, inquire with one of our doctors or staff today.

Chiropractic for Kids

We often get asked the question, “Should my kids see a chiropractor, and is it safe?” Well to answer the question simply, possibly, and it is safe. Not all children need to be adjusted and only an evaluation would determine if it is needed and would be beneficial or not. As infants, it is possible that the infant may have something that prevents him/her from being able to be positioned correctly for feeding time or movements in a certain positions. This can be corrected with a simple gentle adjustment that is no more than a simple light touch applied to the area. This care is much different than what an adult would receive. Adjustments for infants does not involve any joint popping or rapid forceful movements at all. Toddlers and children are no different than adults except they are way more active. This leads to bumps, bruises and falls more than ordinarily would happen to their parents. These incidents lead to the same kinds of injuries that you might experience in the same situations and are usually exhibited by complaining or fussiness. Again chiropractic care is not something that all children need but chiropractic may be able to help them as well.

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