Kids + Care = Better Sports Performance

Bottom Line:

We love our kids and always encourage them to be their very best. Well, if your children get adjusted, science now says your kids are getting physically stronger. When it comes to kids and sports, stronger often means better…

Why it Matters:

We’re not talking stronger like winning the local bench press competition; we’re talking stronger as in being able to run faster, jump higher, swing harder, twist, push and pull more than ever. More strength means more performance and less physical injury. Kids, sports, and Chiropractic care: a perfect team.

– Strength, flexibility, and endurance have been linked to injury prevention.

– Adjustments have been shown to increase strength and spinal range of motion.

– Nearly every top sports team utilizes Chiropractic to keep their athletes performing their best.

Next Steps:

Share the love. Now that you know our care is for more than just headaches, neck and back pain, you can know you’re making a smart decision to bring your kids in so we can help them perform their very best.

Science Source:

Impact of Spinal Manipulation on Cortical Drive to Upper and Lower Limb Muscles. Brain Sciences. 2017. 7,2

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