Andrea Olson

I initially reached out to Lakeville Spine & Health for lower back pain. While they were able to make adjustments and resolve my lower back pain, they also listened to my concerns about other pain I was experiencing. I had surgery for Hallux Rigidus in July 2022. While surgery was helpful, I was unable to gain back the range of motion that I needed to resume running and I experienced constant inflammation in that area of my foot. Dr. Carder and Dr. Telkov suggested I try StemWave Shockwave Therapy for the inflammation. Within one session, my pain and my mobility improved 30-40%. After seven five-minute sessions, my mobility and pain improved drastically. My range of motion in my big toe is 75% better and I am able to run several miles at a time again, which I have been unable to do for over a year. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Carder and Dr. Telkov’s experience and support. They understood that something as small as a joint in my foot could cause debilitating pain. The fact that I have been able to experience such a drastic improvement within such a short amount of time of undergoing this therapy has been a true blessing.

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